Donor Information

"When the Biobank called I agreed to donate straight away. It was a chance to be involved not just as a patient, but contributing to the fight against cancer. My cancer will be used for something useful, instead of just being discarded."
- Mr Bill Kennedy, Biobank donor

More than 20,000 people in Victoria are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many of these people undergo surgery as part of their treatment. After the surgeon removes tissue, it is sent to a pathology laboratory where a pathologist examines the tissue under the microscope then prepares a report that is used to plan future treatment.

Tissue that is not needed for this process is usually discarded. This tissue is very valuable to researchers studying cancer including its causes, development, diagnosis and treatment.

Donating your tissue to the Victorian Cancer Biobank can help improve our knowledge of cancer and cancer related diseases and our ability to manage cancer in the future.

You can read more about how you can help and what is involved in our Frequently Asked Questions or Information for Prospective Donors brochure (PDF 597KB). For more information about patient consent please read the Patient Information Sheet (45KB) and Donor Consent Form (29KB).