Application Process

The Biobank provides biospecimens and related support services for a wide variety of research projects. To ease the application process the Application Forms have been designed in a modular format.

Before applying for biospecimens or data, you are advised to and to read the Information On How To Apply And Conditions Of Use and also to contact the Applications and Database Manager for availability of biospecimens.

All applicants must complete Part A and B. Explanations of each part are given below. 

Part A – General Application Details

All applicants must complete Part A.

Part B – Application for Biospecimens or Services

Complete this form if you are requesting biospecimens collected and processed according to the Biobank’s standard protocols. These samples will be from the Biobank archival collection. If insufficient numbers are available a prospective collection will be offered.

Complete Section 7 or 9 of this form if you are requesting services or biospecimens to be collected and/or processed in a manner that varies from the Biobank’s standard protocols. Specimens requested using this application will be collected prospectively.

Services include:

  • Donor Selection - Indentifying suitable donors for the study/project. If Biobank staff are required to do this, only sites that the Biobank has ethics approval to collect from will be used
  • Donor Consent - Obtaining written consent from donors to take part in the study/project by donating biospecimens. If Biobank staff are required to consent the donors, only the Biobank consent form will be  used. To consent donors on a project/study specific consent form, study personnel must arrange this outside of the Biobank
  • Specimen Collection - Physical pick up of sample from site of collection and transporting back to the laboratory
  • Processing - Processing of samples, including freezing and processing to produce derived products. Either the Biobank standard protocol or a project specific processing protocol can be used. 
  • Storage - Storage of samples at the Biobank. Storage for greater than two years will be subject to cost recovery revisions.
  • Retrieval - Includes retrieving stored samples, packing for delivery and dispatch of samples to nominated delivery address. This can be done immediately after every collection, or in single or multiple batches.

Data Retrieval
Minimum Data Set provided with biospecimens encompasses donors age at surgery, sex and relating pathology report. Complete Section 8 of this form to access clinical data that may be collected by the donor’s treating institution.

TMA Construction
For TMA construction: please contact the Applications and Database Manager, Caroline Drinkwater (  before filling out Section 5 of this form.


Please also provide the following documents along with Forms A and B:

  • Curriculum vitae of Principle Investigator (no longer than 2 pages)
  • HREC (NEAF or equivalent) approval and amendment letters
  • Complete HREC (NEAF or equivalent) Application document

Applications are reviewed by the Biobank Access Committee. It is responsible for ensuring all applications have received approval from NHMRC accredited (or equivalent) Human Research Ethics Committees and it determines priority of allocation.

The fee for submitting an application is $250.00 and this fee will be included in your first invoice.

For any amendments to already approved applications please complete Application Amendment Form - note that a $125.00 fee applies for all amendments and this will be included in your next invoice after being approved.

Please feel free to contact us on if you have any questions about this process.