Since inception, the Victorian Cancer Biobank has consented over 19,000 donors with varying tumour types. See below for a graph depicting our collection by tumour type (as of end 2011):

Collection by tumour type

The Collection Targets graph below indicates that the sites are currently exceeding collection expectations:

Collection targets


To date the Biobank has processed 148 applications. Applications current and closed have been for project specific and clinical research support projects, where we have supplied fresh and archival tissue, as well as value added products to researchers. See below for a snapshot of the application trends from 2007-2011:

Applications trends
*Includes applications previously managed by Consortium Members before centralised access

Supply and distribution

The Biobank supplied more than 6,000 biospecimens in 2010, bringing the total number of biospecimens supplied to researchers over the last 3 years to 18,616. Since 2007, 25 projects have been fully supplied and closed. 

An increasing number of biospecimens were distributed to researchers outside Victoria. Of 1829 samples supplied outside Victoria, 1500 breast tissue biospecimens were supplied to researchers in New South Wales. The remaining 329 samples were supplied internationally with 179 lung tissue biospecimens to Germany and 150 skin samples to the United States.

The Biobank continued to meet the demand for fresh tissue samples for cell culture throughout 2010, with 232 specimens delivered in culture medium at 40C to researchers within 2 hours of surgery. This brings to 906 the number of aliquots of fresh tissue supplied to researchers over the last 3 years.

Tissue sections on microscope slides remain the most common sample dispatched by the Biobank with 57% of biospecimens supplied falling into this category. Breast and colorectal cancer research projects accounted for 60% of biospecimens supplied in 2010 and more than 70% of all samples supplied since 2007.

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