2011 ABNA Conference


The 2011 Annual Australasian Biospecimens Network Annual Meeting was held recently at the Perth Convention Centre in November. The Biobank was well-represented with 13 staff members in attendance, presenting at total of six posters on the following subjects:

  • Dynamic risk management in a multi-site tissue bank - Paul Pinto Correia, Anne Thompson
  • Ethically approved research: standards and compliance - Daniela Surace, Joanne Edgar and Anne Thompson
  • Aperio as a tool in biobanking – Shannon Marantelli, Matthew Chapman, Sanja El-Najjar, Kathryn Goss, Helen Manos, Jeffrey Nolan, Karen Velasco and Prof. Geoff Lindeman
  • Minimum Data Set: a data quality tool in the biobank environment – Charlotte Crill, Anne Thompson, Joanne Edgar, Paul Pinto Correia, Yassar Hameed and Daniela Surace 
  • From Capture To Dispatch: The Journey of Biospecimen Related Data – Yassar Hameed and Anne Thompson
  • Applying Informed Consent to Biobanking - Lisa McPhail and Justine Olsen

In addition there were two oral presentations: John Ciciulla on the Pathology Registrar Program, and Dr Anne Thompson gave a presentation titled Biomarker Pilot Project: clinical analysis of biospecimens for quality and uniformity.

2011 ABNA
From left: Lisa McPhail and Justine Olsen